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What is new in upcoming Windows® 10 IoT Core?

Windows 10 IoT consists of a family of OS device that builders can use to control a wide range of intelligent, connected IoT devices via mobiles and small footprint devices. IoT plays a vital role in growth of businesses as it offers the right platform to build required intelligent devices. From small devices to mobile POS, the updated and the latest version of Windows 10 renders Windows users a common stage for devices to enable the Internet of Things. Windows 10 IoT Core has been especially designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)/ Original Device Manufacturers (ODM) partners. Interestingly, it is segment of the Windows 10 IoT edition family and offers an optimized platform for building smaller and low cost industrial devices. IoT gateways, ATMs, retail point of -- Read More...
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Windows® Registry Errors

The collection of databases of configuration settings in Operating System of Microsoft Windows is called as Windows registry. It used to store information and settings for software programs, operating system configurations, hardware devices, user preferences, and much more. It consists of information, settings, options, and other values for hardware and all programs installed on all operating systems versions of Microsoft Windows. Whenever Windows Operating System frequently refers to the registry, it means it refers to the information gathered in the registry. It is quite clear that installing new software, opening a program, and changing hardware is related to database contained in the registry. That is why things can go wrong and it needs you ask for technical assistance from a -- Read More...
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Windows® Customer Support Number

The below steps will help your Outlook email program to download images and attachments within emails. Microsoft Windows Technical steps are laid down for frequent Outlook users to quickly configure Outlook 2013 email client to automatically download attachments like images and others files in received emails. Steps to Proceed: 1: With Outlook 2013 open, click/tap on FILE 2: Click/tap on Options, the Outlook Options window will open 3: Click/tap on Trust Center 4: Click/tap on Trust Center Settings... the Trust Center Settings window will open 5: A) Uncheck the Don't download pictures automatically in HTML email messages or RSS items to disable all Outlook email and RSS Trust Center Settings B) Leave Don't -- Read More...
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