Windows 10 Tips & Tricks help you learn various unknown and small tricks that could make your life better as a windows 10 user. The windows help and support team has put in various efforts to make windows a delightful use for their customers, with these tips you can utilize Windows 10 in a more flexible way.

Readily Browse & Exit full Screen in Microsoft Edge

Using windows help and support lets customers know and learn about added features like; microsoft edge full screen 2017. This feature as per windows free support says that there the user can now browse full screen in Microsoft Edge. Connect with the technical support for windows for help regarding this through the windows customer service number. All that is required of a customer is to contact windows support. Moreover, the services provided by windows customer support are all-round and fully basic. The option of windows online support also lets the customer know how to access microsoft edge's secret full-screen mode. The windows customer support technician not only helps the customer know about the microsoft full-screen edge browser factor but also provides relevant information about it. The phone number for windows customer service -- Read More...
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