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Irrespective of the fact that your personal computer or laptop runs on Windows operating system and it is offering fabulous computing experience, you can also enjoy Mac OS X on your Windows computer with similar experience. Today, so many users have shown their interest towards using both operating systems on a single platform.

VMWare software has made it possible for the users to run both operating systems simultaneously on a single platform. VMWare helps run Mac on Windows 10 with the help of its latest features and applications, designed in accordance with the new technical framework of both operating systems.

Here this article goes through step by step technique to install Mac OSX on your Windows personal computer using VMWare software.

Step 1: Download the VMWare Player and install it on your computer system. The process includes easy steps and instructions.

Step 2: Execute the program once after you installed the software. Provide your details and click on Ok or Continue

Step 3: You have effectively installed and configured the software on your PC. Close the prompt window and move to the OS X Capitan file that you have saved on your computer

Step 4: Extract the zip file that you have downloaded. It may take some time to get the copy, so you need to have patience. In this process, you may encounter some technical issues.

To address the problems, you need to go to independent Microsoft Windows technical support company to get certified Windows help and support for VMWare.

Step 5: Open the extracted files and run the “win_install” as Administrator. It will prompt a new box with some instructions.

Step 6: Now launch the installed VMWare software and then select the option “open a virtual machine”.

Step 7: Now go to the folder wherein you have saved the OS X and click Open.

Step 8: Now you can select “Play Virtual Machine” and happily you will get the amazing Apple logo loading up

Step 9: Now finally, you will get a window that includes setup options. This is the step where you will be asked to give your Apple ID.

That’s all – now you have OS X EI Capitan installed on your Windows computer. You can now enjoy both operating systems with increased fun and great experience.

If you come across any technical problem while executing any of the above steps, you need to contact technical support for Microsoft Windows and get the issues resolved instantly.

External Link: http://bit.ly/2gMnrhO | https://goo.gl/32Pi9g | http://tinyurl.com/y928cwvy | http://ow.ly/XIVj30dMg6t | http://bit.do/dB3wf

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